What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, is a wonderful tool which empowers you to break free of fears, phobias, anxiety’s, panic-attacks, nervousness, trauma, hurt, sadness, loss, bereavement, and basically any horrible feelings or thoughts which stop you from living your life effectively.

Hypnotherapy, empowers you to feel confident, self assured, in control, calm, centered, healed, restored. Hypnotherapy helps people cope with all sorts of life situations and challenges, also life threatening illnesses, helping higher one’s chances of healing against all the odds, giving you the peace and strength you need to carry on. Hypnosis will help you feel calmer and more at peace in frightening times, giving you renewed hope and courage.

Hypnotherapy is not sleep; in hypnosis the subject is fully aware.
In Hypnosis you are able to respond on request either verbally or by signal.

A person who does not want to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized.
Hypnosis cannot make you say anything which violates personal standards of behavior or integrity.
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness similar to day dreaming.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation in which beneficial changes take place.
Hypnosis is a means of communication between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Many human problems habits stresses anxieties attitudes or apparent difficulties are reduced or resolved with hypnosis.

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP helps you to manage your thoughts moods and behaviors effectively
NLP is a set of insights and skills.
NLP helps you actively use your mind and your emotions and body to run your own
life successfully and to communicate with other people more effectively.

NLP is an ever growing collection of information insights and mental techniques
which improve how you think behave and feel.
NLP is often used with Hypnosis to create positive changes
enabling you to live your life to your full potential.

Chester Hypnotherapy for help with:

Stop-smoking, Weight-control, Public-speaking, Driving-test, Driving-nerves, Bullying, Alcohol issues, Fears, Panic-attacks, Anxiety, Worries, Stress, Emotions, Traumas, Loneliness, Low self esteem, Lack of self confidence, Phobias, Spiders, Flying, Anger, Hurt, Despair, Socializing, Interviews, Performance, Sports, Concentration, Exams, Studying, Insomnia, Loneliness, Alcohol-abuse, Bullying, Homophobia, LGBT issues, Domestic violence, Healing, Recovery from illness, Coping with cancer, Loss, Bereavement, Sadness. Taking control of your life and much much more…

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